Welcome to Briar Blues, where service is not a luxury.
Services provided;

Briar Blues works strictly on commission.  We do not buy pipes from our clients or pipe carvers. 


We will work with a select client base for pre owned pipes.   Many of these clients are well known in the pipe world and many prefer to keep their collection "re arranging" private and low key. 

 What our clients say about us;

I've been doing business with Mike Glukler, "Briar Blues", to any of you that don't already know, for a number of years now. Mike has sold pipes for me, I've bought pipes from him and he's counseled me a number of times about pipes I've seen on his site that I was not quite sure about. I can't tell you how much money he's saved me over the years, just by steering me away from foolish purchases...it's sort of like getting to know your tailor after many years, he knows what you like, and what looks good on you, even when you want to soar like an eagle and fly off into unknown regions, he gently reminds you about a certain experience you had along similar lines some time ago, and like a flash, you immediately are back on track.
Mike is extremely knowledgeable, completely honest, and has made up for two or three I've dealt with that almost soured me from ever
dealing with pipe sellers again. His new commission rate is the lowest around, and I can assure you that when others have only had ebay as a recourse, Mike has a website that generates real business and better prices.
If anyone ever wishes to speak with me prior to doing business with Briar Blues, I can be reached at pierrette5@msn.com  .  I'll be happy to relay my experiences to you directly