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Only 6 left 

Be afraid!  Very afraid.  Once that has settled in, you can blame Greg Pease! 

 Over the years Briar Blues has seen a number of pipes come through our doors.  We have seen carvers in high demand and seen the luster wane.   Weíve seen specific shapes got red hot, then ice cold.   The pipe market is always in flux.   Some of this ever changing interest falls upon a number of influential collectors, Greg being one.

  The influx of the Castello shape #10 ( short chunky billiard ) is just one example of Gregís handy work, into the pipe market.  The other, and what this is about is the Castello shape 55 ( slightly bent pot, with chin ). 

  While Greg was collecting the shape 55, I was lucky enough to have some arrive and find their way into Gregís waiting hands.   Most were wide bowled and really didnít grab me.  Or maybe better said, they were of a size that did not fit into my specifications. 

  That changed about 2 years ago, when one lovely Occhio Di Pernice arrived.  I decided to keep the pipe and find out why Greg was so fond of the shape and if indeed it was ( as Greg put it ) a smoking machine.   Greg was right and thus began my lust for more smaller Castello 55ís.   I own 6 and 5 have been stamped with the Briar Blues nomenclature, so they cannot leave until I leave for good.

 So why did I say Be Afraid? 

  2016 is our 20th year.  In years past we have arranged a pipe of the year with a variety of carvers.   This year I decided to jump in, head first.  Through my friend Marco ( Novelli ) we have arranged for Castello to create 20 ( only ) shape 55ís.  These will each have some sort of adornment and be stamped in some way to celebrate Briar Blues 20th year.

 These pipes will be in my greedy hands in late July and will shortly there after be posted on the site.   They will be first come, first served.  No reservations.  I will most likely not post any pre viewing photos.   They will arrive, go to a hidden page on the site, and those on the email update list will get notification on where to view or select from the group.

 What is left will then go to the public area. 

  Please blame Greg Pease for setting me on this path and aiming me towards what I think will be an incredible selection of 20 Castello pipes.