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Next update will be sent on July26

Set your calendars for July 30 at 5:30 PM Pacific Time.  Why?  The Briar Blues drop cam from my shop will go public again.  At that time members of the Vancouver Pipe Club and good friend Neill Archer Roan will visit.  For those that do live on the pipe planet, Neill's blog A Passion for Pipes is a must visit.



 Neill is also an author of an exceptional book on Comoy's Blue Ribands.  So while the gang is here the drop cam will go public so you may watch the festivities.  If the weather is foul we will be in my shop.  If the weather is fair, it will be in my back yard.  If you're in the area please feel free to drop in and join us. 

To join us via drop cam use


On a serious note our good friend Aaron Marino of AlphaM offered an interesting and thought provoking video this past Friday.  The subject was organ donations.  Not a subject that many of us wish to think about let alone discuss.  Many of you are still young and the thought of "what if something happens to me" rarely creeps into your mind.  At my age ( near 60 ) the light at the end of the tunnel looks allot closer, so thoughts do at times wander towards "what if".   The video is not long and in Aaron's usual fashion it's handled in a comfortable manor.  The link to the video is


For those that love clothes, my latest order from Modern Tailors has just arrived.  4 exceptional 100% 2 ply cotton shirts.  These are not your garden off the rack variety, but made to measure.  I highly suggest you check them out.  For first time customers they offer an amazing deal. For new customers they have a blue or a black shirt on for $19.95 and a white for $24.95.   If you visit their site and place an order please let them know how you found out about them.


Also my latest order from the finest sock seller on earth landed last week.  As some of you know I'm not a tall man.  Some might even say I'm too short at a Redwood like 5'5" tall.  One of my greatest headaches is finding socks and shoes in my size.  I detest the concept of "one size fits all".  Absolute bs.  So I only deal with Mes Chaussettes Rouge.  These people offer socks in sizes!!!  Not only that, but the quality and service is second to none.  The order process is easy. Shipping is done quickly.  They even reply to emails!  Imagine that.  A retailer over seas that actually cares enough to respond to clients.  I can't count the number of clothing retailers that have "lack of customer service".   If you order, the package will arrived neatly wrapped in paper, which is inside a nice red cloth bag ( which works well for packing shoes for travel ), plus a hand written Thank You note.  A 100% class act all the way.


Please check both retailers out.  I have no affiliation with either and get no residuals from either.  I am just an incredibly pleased customer.


Michael J. Glukler