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West Coast Pipe Show

When?  Nov 7 & 8.

Where?  Las Vegas, NV at the Palace Station Hotel & Casino

Why? Itís awesome!

What will you find?  Pipes, tobaccos, Marty Pulvers, pipe carvers, Marty Pulvers, pipe sellers, tobacco vendors, and Marty Pulvers.    New pipes.  Used pipes.  Pipe accessories.  Plus a whole lot of great people.  

Of all the shows Iíve attended the West Coast Show is the one I enjoy the most.  The others are great, but many can be overwhelming.   The West Coast Show is a perfect size to be able to see all the tables in the 2 day event, spend time talking with the participants, having time in the evenings to meet new people, and be able to enjoy your pipes on the show floor, and almost everywhere in the hotel, and really just have an enjoyable weekend.   At the last show the only designated non smoking areas where the restaurants, the elevators, and some of the rooms.  Yes, only some of the rooms, as there are smoking rooms available. 

There is a nice banquet dinner on one evening, with a guest speaker.   I believe this year it will be Brian Levine.  Brian may not offer to solve the worldís problems, but heís a very bright guy with a wicked quick sense of humor. 

The Palace Station is not the Pallazo or Bellagio, but itís clean, comfortable and priced at an affordable rate.  There are a number of very decent places to eat within the complex.  The Oyster Bar offers excellent Cajun ďstyleĒ cuisine.  I do suggest that you plan ahead as there is usually a line up to get a seat.   The Mexican restaurant is one of my favorites.   I am a huge fan of Mexican food and this place has reasonable prices, with more than hefty portions.  I have enjoyed many a meal there with friends.   The Chinese restaurant is ok.   I am sort of spoiled as I am used to authentic Chinese food, but if you enjoy Cantonese style North America Chinese its right there.  There is also a very fine Italian eatery, a basic family restaurant, and a Starbucks.    You really donít need to leave the hotel through the whole show. 

If you havenít booked yet, I hope you do.  I have made my reservations and will arrive on Thursday in the afternoon.   If youíve never been to a pipe show this is the one to start with.  Bring your better half!  If they are not interested in the show, itís Vegas!  Lots to do and see for those with no interest in pipes

For further info check out their website. 


Hope to see you there.