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Briar Blues - shop cam

The dropcam ( wifi web camera ) will remain set on public access 24 / 7 for the next little while.  I will post in this area if I am in the shop and working on pipes.  If I am and you are interested you may get a birds eye view of what has arrived.  Watch the condition of the pipes on arrival and what they look like when cleaned.  Yes, you will be able to watch each and every process ( as simple as they are ) of the pipe cleaning process.  I suggest that prior to visiting the shop cam you turn down the volume on your pc speakers.  If not you may find you'll be bombarded with some loud blues. 

Drop cam url is  http://dropc.am/p/bb1

Mike -  not in shop

 Facetime, email, or text IF you have any questions while you see the work being done.

Next update will be sent on ??

For the love of Castello!  Or maybe better said - for those that love Castello pipes.  There are a few places we may visit that offer some great information on Castello pipes.  At this time there is not one place we can visit that has compiled all the available information.  That is about to change!

As some of you know I am a huge fan of Castello's.  The way they smoke. The shapes. The way they smoke. The finishes.  Did I say the way they smoke? 

I have very vivid memories of my very first pipe show. 1995 in Los Angeles.  To that point I had never owned a Castello.  At the show Bob Hamlin had a large selection of new Castello's.  All way above my pay grade.  However, Nikos Levin, had a great display of pre smoked Castello's.  I think I traded a dozen or more of my pipes to acquire 5 or maybe 6 Castello's.  After lighting the first one, I was hooked. 

Since then I have collected a variety of brands and artisan pipes.  My collection has changed many times over.  How many personal pipes I have gone through boggles my little blonde brain.  How many dollars I have lost buying high and selling low makes me cringe.  Yes, Vernon I have walked your path also. 

Side bar - for those that have never met Vernon Vig, please make it a point to do so.  A nicer man you'll never meet.  At a Seattle Pipe Club annual dinner I attended the guest speaker was Vernon Vig.  He began by saying just the above.    " I have bought allot of pipes for high dollars and sold just as many for low prices" 

Anyone that has seriously been a pipe collector can relate to that very well. 

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.  Castello Pipes!  It has long been a dream of mine to be able to offer a place that anyone interested in Castello pipes, might go to find out information.  Some history.  Current prices.  How to date the vintage of your Castello pipes etc.  I have tried to offer that on the site and am always looking to update and add information.


Now I am going to step it up and add a complete shape guide.  NO it is not complete at this time, but it has started.   As with the other information we have gathered I need your help.  No one person has all the information needed.  As a group though, I am sure we can compile an incredible amount. 

The shape guide goal is to show the basic shapes, plus as we gather more photo's etc I'd like to show variations on "classic" Castello shapes.  The basic chart is at this url.


As you can see it is far from complete.  What I have placed there are from photo's of pipes that have come through my hands.   I wish I had started collecting photo's when I began Briar Blues, as I would have photo's of some of the rarer shapes, such as #11. 

So I am going to ask you as fellow lovers of Castello Pipes to contact me, if you might have photo's of pipes we can add. 

After the shape guide we'd also like to add a complete finish guide, POY guide, and other special pipe creations that Castello has done. 

The goal is to have a one stop place that we Castello Collectors can go to find all available information. 

So, please, all of you that have information and photo's please contact me.  Greg, Daveinlax etc, I know you're out there.  Let's make this a reality.


Michael J. Glukler