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Read the Fine Print

I am sorry, but Mikey needs to vent and inform.   Always read the rules, regulations,  and fine print so you know what you’ve agreed to.

My last non working vacation was in 1987, in which I visited Hawaii for 10 glorious days.   Five weeks ago I booked my second non working vacation.  I had booked an 8 day 7 night trip to a 5 star all inclusive for Xia and I in Nayarit Mexico. I  booked an ocean view suite.  I wanted this to be a real treat for us both.  Trust me, we both need some time away in the sun, warmth, without rain.  

I just received a phone call from Sunwing, the travel company that I booked everything through.  I was told our flight had been canceled as they did not get enough people to make the flight worth while.   However, we could accept a different flight that left two days later and they were kind enough to offer a $100.00 per person voucher towards future travel with Sunwing.   To add to the compensation insult we would also loose 1 day of the vacation.  Instead of leaving at 6 pm on the 19 and return on the 27th, we would leave at 3 am on the 21 st and return on the 28th.   I was also offered a full refund which could be used towards future travel with Sunwing, which would take 21 days to process.   

 After a heated discussion with Sunwing, I eventually forced the fellow I was dealing with to allow me to speak with his supervisor.   While she “understood” how disappointed I was it was beyond her abilities to do anything further than what the Sunwing terms and agreement call for.  

 This was not me canceling or asking for a rearrangement.   This falls totally on Sunwing, as they did not have enough clients to fill a flight, so canceled it.

 I do not know if Sunwing operates in the US, but they have a strong presence in Canada.  So to all my Canadian friends, please read the terms and conditions that are at the bottom of the contract you agree to with any and all travel agencies / operators.  

 Personally I will never deal with Sunwing again.  Sadly for them as I am only four years and ten months ( yes I’m counting ) till retirement, my abilities to travel and enjoy life should increase.  So they just lost a potential future client.  The two $100.00 vouchers I will tack to my wall so I remember to never ever deal with Sunwing again. 

 Sorry to vent. 


Follow up - after posting the above here and on Facebook and contacting Sunwing via their Facebook page, they have agreed to remit a full refund to my charge card.