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Are you a new carver looking to spread the roots to a greater audience?   

At the West Coast Pipe Show I was speaking with carver James Gilliam.  He told me of a fellow in Germany that has been helping carvers in Germany get a greater client base.   How he does this is simple and brilliant.   

The carver sends a photo or a few photo’s of their pipes, that are available.  The fellow then posts the photo’s on his site.  Interested buyers then deal directly with the carver to arrange a purchase or ask further questions.   

The fellow does ask for a small fee, which is 10% of the selling price.  I think this is an awesome idea and one that we shall also take on at Briar Blues.   

The system will be similar. 

 If you as a carver have pipes you wish to show / sell, please send photo’s via email.  The email address you are easiest to contact via.   We will post the photo, with your name and your email address.  If you sell the pipe, please let us know so it may be removed or moved to an already sold area.  Not yet sure on which way to go on that.  

All I ask is via the honor system after a sale has been completed, you send 10% to us via Pay Pal.   If the client buys a different pipe that is not shown on the Briar Blues site, you send nothing.  If it leads to a commission for the client, you send nothing.  If the sale arrives via an avenue other than the Briar Blues site, you send nothing. 

You retain all your inventory.  You do not ever worry about a dealer / shop not paying you for pipes.  No waiting for a site or dealer that is working on commission to sell a pipe or send you payment. 

I ask only for a portion of what sells via the photo on the Briar Blues site. 

A page has been set up on the Briar Blues site and only needs your photo’s to get started. 


If this may be of interest, please feel free to contact me directly.


Michael J. Glukler